Email from my brother

My brother is in Afghanistan.  I have another blog where I update family and friends what he e mails me – tells me when he calls .  I wanted to post his last e mail to me.  It is so beautifully written and so powerful.  I wanted to post it again.  Please check it out and pray for our soldiers out there fighting.

Alot has happened this past week. To much to mention and for the sake of OPSEC not allowed too. I can say my eyes are open to a different world. In IRAQ, I was out ground pounding with the Marines.  I got to see everything up close and personal. I did alot outside the wire, when we medivac’d a Marine back, we would hear about what happen, and never get to see them till we got back to the states.  Here it’s the other way around.  I’m like the short kids standing in the back of a crowd trying to watch a parade.  You hear all the noise and everything that is going on but only see a few things that come your way, or I should say come to the ward.  I know my job is different now than before.  We are taking care of the guys in the rear.  Everyday I see the casualties, the effects of what is going on out there. Then we send them off to the next echelon of care.
Half of me is glad to be in the wire and not on a convoy or patrol. Because of all casualties that has come in.  The other half of me wants to go out so bad and just get the bad guys.  It’s the feeling of wanting to get even with somebody for hurting somebody close to you.  In this case all the innocent people that were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I am really lost for words.  I thank GOD everyday for protecting us here in the base, and send out a little prayer for those out there.
This is not a video game or a movie. This is real life, real people.  No extra lifes, no redo’s.  Some make it some don’t.  That is the harsh reality. The bad thing is you can’t save them all.  It sucks.  It will only get worse in the next couple of months.  We just got here, yes.  But its starting to get cooler so, more activity is happening everyday.  You really come to work everyday not knowing what will be waiting at the ward..  Or when they say that all comms and down over the base speaker, that means something happened.
Please pray for us and the sanity of the everybody here.  Every little incident affects alot of people in a huge way. To be able to deal with all the casualties that comes our way. I tell you this, you will never forget a face and their injury. I still haven’t forgotten everything in IRAQ and that was 5 years ago.  It’s hard bro, I’m really not going to lie and say it’s not.  I think this is harder than being outside the wire.  Outside the wire it’s a one time thing. Different patrol, different convoy, a different mission.  Here it is the same patient day in and out till they leave and you get another patient.  Hear about number of casualites increasing on the news.  I get to see it.  It sucks.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know whats up.  There is alot more the above story that I can not tell you.  But for now all is good.

One thought on “Email from my brother

  1. Lev, Pls take care and come home safely.. God will be there for you. Hw will protect you. Just pray and Trust Him. Miss you

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