The Connection Business

If you have an email address, an aim profile, skype, facebook, linkedin, myspace, or any of the millions of other profiles online, You are Connected.  You can’t help it.  People can find you.  You can be found.  If you have one of these, I could in theory pretty much connect with you because you are connected – even something as static as an e mail address gives me that opportunity.

How many of you though use your connections?  How many of you use your connections to connect other people?  Not really for your benefit necessarily – although I guess that would be a legitimate outcome if you needed it, but do you connect people?  If you do connect people, how do you do it?  How are you intentional about connecting people?

There are so many possibilities.  We could conceivably be connected with everyone else that’s connected.  I was thinking about that as a business.  Again, not necessarily as a business to make money, but more for describing what I do.  I make connections for people.  I connect people to people.  I help people make connections with themselves.  I also get to help make connections with God and people – as a worship pastor and as a professor.

How do you connecting people?  Are you in the Connection Business?  Do you know of anyone that is?  Can you connect me??????

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