Halloween Tonight – Projection of the Real Self

It will be pretty interesting tonight – to see people’s inner identities come out.  It’s pretty interesting what happens when you put a mask one.  When an individual puts a mask on or a wig on – they are able to release one projected self and let the real self hide under the mask.  In either situation, the real self doesn’t always shine through.  I’m not saying that this is how it is for everyone.  I’m just saying that when the masks or wigs come out – people’s true selves come out.

What ever is in the heart – what ever is in the mind – comes out in action or behavior.  What ever is in the heart comes out in the costume.  It all says something about you.

A friend of mine asked me this week about what his costume says about him.  Actually, he asked me to what I would say about his costume, and I told him – it doesn’t matter what I say, the costume does all the talking.  I don’t even think that the costume is the big deal.  Just being able to wear a costume can tell me that you are secure enough in yourself to wear a costume.  It’s going to be different for everyone.  I am pretty excited to drive around tonight and see what people are wearing and what what they’re wearing says about themselves.

What are you wearing?

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