It’s the end of the decade (well, I guess it depends on when you think the decade began).  Many people will think about the past year and wonder what could have been.  Many will make plans for the next year – without having wondered about what could have been.  There are more opportunities than ever to create and make and write and grow.

It’s been a good year.  It’s been a good decade.  Here are a few of my highlights for the decade.  It helps me see how blessed I am.

– Met my beautiful wife this decade (2000); that’s probably the most important thing

– Started a doctoral program; too bad I won’t finish in this decade; but I will finish

– Got married

– Got involved with Higher Education (7.5 years now)

– Lived in California and Minnesota – crazy

– Published

– Bought a house; sold a house

– Grew in learning, in life, in marriage, in wisdom, in knowledge, in patience, in faith, and in the Lord

That doesn’t cover it all, but it’s a great start.  I am blessed.  Now, the next decade will probably be filled with more opportunity.  It’ll be filled with more teaching and writing.  It’ll be filled with more leading and more ministry.  It’ll be filled with more of the things that no one can take away from me.

I can focus on what I missed out on in the last decade, but I have decided to focus on how I was blessed.  I will learn more and grow more because I want to.  I will be faithful to whatever opportunity comes along.

What’s your focus?

One thought on “Focus

  1. My focus…
    I will focus on being thankful for every person and for every circumstance.
    I will focus on the positive in others.
    I will focus on seeing the good that others are doing and not on the wrong.
    I will focus on God’s love for me and who I am in Him so that I may be able to carry out His will to the fullest.

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