Identity and Places

I just came home from Hawaii.  I love going home and seeing things and places that have so much significance for me – places where I experienced my first “you name it” or places that have shaped my identity.  There are some places that I go to where there used to be a restaurant or store – but is no longer there.  Those are always great surprises.

As I drove around this time, I couldn’t help but think about how “places” has shaped my identity.  There would be restaurants that we went to that would have certain memories of people and activities.  I couldn’t believe how much a place shaped my identity.

I identify very strongly with Hawaii – specifically Oahu – more specifically the Windward side – and not just Kaneohe, but Kahaluu – I find myself talking about how many Haoles I see around – jogging.  You don’t jog in Kahaluu!!  Well, they do now.

And the whole haole thing – I mean, I married a haole girl.  We are going to have hapa kids, but I got to the North Shore and all of a sudden I’m disgusted by the hotels and the traffic.

You can take the local boy out of the Islands, but you can’t take the Islands out of the local boy.

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