Truth and the Right Time

Speak the truth in love.  We’ve all learned that.

Honesty is the best policy – was some phrase that came a lot later and I learned it.  I might have even taught it.

Although I still believe in both of those phrases, I like Truth and the Right Time.  Speak the truth.  Do it in love, but just like comedy, timing is everything.  Even truth in love at the wrong time can bite back.  Sometimes truth hurts, and if people aren’t ready for it, they won’t just remember that you were being honest – they’ll remember that you hurt them.  They’ll remember that much longer than your honesty – even if just subconsciously.

When it comes to Truth, there’s no question. Always do it in love.  Just make sure you do it in the right time.

At least that’s what I’m thinking today.

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