Listening to a Hashtag

So I don’t normally take a look at the “explore” feature on Twitter.  Seriously, who has time?  I mean, I can barely keep up with the amount of followers that I have – and I like to at least have tweet conversations with them.  Those with thousands upon thousands aren’t really having much conversation.

I happened to check it out and came across – #inourgeneration – so fascinating.  Kids aren’t as stupid as we might think.  It’s a hashtag for any generation, but as you take a look at the tweets – you soon realize who’s writing them.  Here are some of them:


– you can touch each other but not each others phones

– getting pregnant is a fashion style

– it’s only legal if you get caught

– the people that raise us, judges us

– some girls will do anything for money.  And I mean, ANYTHING

– ppl use “in love” as an excuse to being with someone who treats them horribly wrong, as if there’s nothing better….smh

– Sex is a must

– it was ok to talk to strangers

– men are so f—- disrespectful

– the dudes act like females & the females act like dudes

– having tons of sex with random people is alright and fine

– kids are growing up to fast.  Be a kid.  You have the rest of your life to be an adult. #gooutsideandplay

– girls are pressured to be perfect

– it’s pretty sad to see how we were raised

– people use “sex dolls” as an alternative…..wen they get rejected

– no grandchildren will know their grandfater

– we gon be some tatted up grandparents

– we celebrate 16 and pregnant rather than 18 and graduated

– we have lose sight of right and wrong

– loosing your phone is a bigger deal than loosing your virginity


It’s a generation crying out.  It’s a generation that knows what the issues are.  They’re not dumb.  They are even telling us what they are processing through.  Okay, so you might not know someone that’s freely sharing their thoughts in this way, but these tweets are from friends of people that we know.  I would dare say that some of the kids we know have some of the same thoughts.  They wrestle with this stuff.  Be aware.  There is much that you can learn from a hashtag.  I think it’ll be a new series of posts that I write.

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