A Hashtag and Identity

I am reading quite a few articles about how brands and businesses integrate hashtags into all of their communication.  It is not enough to have an amazing commercial or image on an ad.  You can easily be found with a hashtag.  I was reading an article that suggested that a hashtag gives your credibility. The […]

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Everyone Has a Pen

I visited an art gallery a few months back.  The owner was such a nice guy – showing us all of his work.  Of course – he was willing to show his work so that we can buy something.  He was a photographer and had some stunning images of the island that we happened to […]

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The Stuff Underneath

I was walking back to my car from lunch today, and I happened to see this on the ground.  My thought was – underneath all of this asphalt is a beautiful brick road.  I pictured what this area would look like with an all brick road, and it would be beautiful.  It made me think […]

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Yeah Yeah Yeah

This post is not about the famous indie rock band. This is the annoying thing that I say when I don’t really want to hear what you have to say.  It’s an awful identity feature of mine. The thing is, I don’t even realize that I do this.  It’s amazing what comes to mind when […]

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Read Yourself

Recently, I read some of the blog posts that I have written in the past.  It is not something that I do often, but it is so interesting to learn from yourself.  I have forgotten more than I can remember so it’s helpful to have written down some thoughts.  I can return to them and […]

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