New Apple Thing

I just read this tonight. I’ve been hearing about it for weeks. We don’t even know what it’s going to be but it doesn’t matter. Tomorrow Apple will announce The New Apple Thing. Everyone knows how it’s going to go. They will sit in the dark and watch someone one stage – that isn’t Steve […]

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There’s An App For That

…..but you don’t need it. Seriously.  I just updated iOS5 on my iPhone.  It is running that weather app that is on in the notification center.  Apple told me that it’s cool that it’ll tell you what the weather is like – wherever you are.  It runs constantly.  Uses up my battery and tells me […]

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The Blank Page

I am going to start using my notebook/journal more. My macbook allows me to do so much. I can take notes and tweet and update all in the same place. I’m watching the Apple Keynote from earlier this week. They’ve added a Reader into Safari – because there’s so much distraction even on the webpage. […]

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My Laptop is Dying

Do you know that feeling, or have you ever experienced that feeling?  It’s the feeling of your laptop dying.  It’s become so much a part of me and my writing.  I’ve enjoyed this macbook.  I am an Apple.  It has given me identity. The more that I think about it, the more I realize how […]

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My Tablet Experience

Most of the things that I do on the Internet, I can do on my tablet.  I’ve quite enjoyed my tablet experience.  There are a few things that I need my laptop for, and I’ll get on it when I need to do those things.  I am so enjoying my tablet experience though.  I can […]

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First World Problems 2

I saw this hashtag again this morning.  I wrote about it once before here.  There are people in the world without running water or flushing toilets, but we have first world problems such as: – The barista at Starbucks is taking too long. – I can’t find my charger for my iPad 2. – AT&T […]

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