The Death of the Craft

This is not an original idea. This is just a post about my initial ideas about it. I didn’t even know what to call this post – but it has to do with the Death of the Craft. What I mean by that – is that there was a time when you actually needed some […]

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How to See Identity

Have you ever seen identity?  Do you want to know how?  I know some people are looking for identity or what to find their identity.  If you are one of those – please take a look at this post or this post or this post as they will help you find it.  But this post has to do […]

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The Medium for Your Art

I was listening to a talk about creativity and art.  If you check out the past few posts, there are some about the creativity and art.  I’ve quite enjoyed the challenge of these talks.  It has pushed me to consider what the medium is for my artistic expression.  I write.  I sing.  I play the […]

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What Inspires the Art in You?

I was listening to to a talk by Trustworthy Kevin Smith.  He’s a film maker.  He made the movie Clerks.  I was listening to a talk that he did – I think it might have actually been an interview.  He was chronicling his career and his journey. He talked about his now famous film Clerks. […]

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Theory and Practice

I recently gave a talk on some of the theory behind my research.  It was a 9 minute talk.  Not sure it could’ve been adequately explained in 9 minutes.  Evidently, the audience had a great discussion (it was a video presentation).  Also, I guess there were questions and I am looking forward to getting the […]

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The Art of What You Do

What is it that you do?  For some people, that’s quite a hard question.  Some don’t even don’t know what they do – much less the artistic or creative aspect of what they do. I was reading today about the creative energy that encompasses the work that we do.  No matter what your media – […]

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