Blame Your Personality

…..or at least hide behind the excuse of it. Have you ever heard anyone say something like, “…..because of my personality, I can’t……” It’s like they blame their personality for being a certain way or use it as an excuse to not do something. I’m guilty of it. I’ve used those excuses. The idea is […]

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Foundational Identity

There are some foundational things about your identity that just cannot change.  There are some things – scars, conditioning, desires, or preferences that are just a foundational part of your identity – the stuff that just cannot change.  I guess it’s possible for something so drastic to happen in your life that you can’t help […]

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The California “The”

I have lived in California for a long time.  I’m not quite at the point where I can say that I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere else.  I’ve lived in Hawaii for much longer (but I’m almost there). If you live in California for awhile, you find Californians referring to things as “the” […]

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Improve Your Mindsight

As an educator, I am interesting in learning and experiences.  I am interested in behavior and identity.  I like to read about why and how we do things. One of the latest areas of reading has to do with the neuroscience of these things that I’m interested in.  I have written a few posts about […]

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I’m a little fascinated by the idea that you can rewire your brain.  Think about those things that you want to change in your life – urges, habits, or reactions.  You are able to rewire the neural connections in your brain to rewire the urges, habits, and reactions.  I don’t know how exactly that happens, […]

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Nonconscious Awareness

We talked about this in a class today.  It’s easy to think of the conscious things in our lives – because it’s in conscious awareness for us.  We can easily explain it to someone else because we are conscious of it. But there’s a whole other side of our consciousness – the non conscious side […]

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