Be an Identity Specialist

or at least write like one.  At the very least, write on this site.  I have always wanted to share it and build a community of people writing about identity.  I need identity specialist or at least people interested in sharing their insights about identity. You don’t have to have it well researched.  You don’t […]

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Confluence of Events

con·flu·ence  (knfl–ns) n. 1. a. A flowing together of two or more streams. b. The point of juncture of such streams. c. The combined stream formed by this juncture. 2. A gathering, flowing, or meeting together at one juncture or point e·vent  (-vnt) n. 1. a. Something that takes place; an occurrence. b. A significant occurrence or happening. See Synonyms at occurrence. c. A social […]

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How to See Identity

Have you ever seen identity?  Do you want to know how?  I know some people are looking for identity or what to find their identity.  If you are one of those – please take a look at this post or this post or this post as they will help you find it.  But this post has to do […]

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Time to Start Writing Again

I haven’t written a blog post since 10.17 – according to what the dashboard says.  It’s been kind of nice to still get hits on the blog even when I wasn’t writing.  I needed a break, but I didn’t know I needed a break.  I didn’t know that I needed a break.  I just kinda […]

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Blog Fast

I haven’t written a post in about 10 days.  It’s been really good.  Of course, there was a eek of camping and rock climbing and jumping off rocks and walking through rivers and “experiences” outside.  It was great to be outside. I felt differently when I came home.  I think I was tired physically, but […]

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Hiding Behind a Blog

You know what they say about opinions right? I love the ability and the freedom that we have when we blog.  We can express ideas that we might be working on.  We can share our opinions with our readers.  We can say whatever we want – and hopefully we’re adding value to those that read. […]

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