Your Inner Guttenberg

There was a time when spreading ideas wasn’t so easy.  Books had to be written by hand.  Ideas traveled slowly.  It’s difficult for me to imagine a world without books or newspapers. Guttenberg changed all of that.  With his printing press, he was able to spread ideas much more easily.  Today, you have the same […]

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Blogging and New Friends

I have met so many people just by blogging.  I can’t tell you how many great people that I have met and interacted with – on my blog, in the comments, on Facebook, on their blogs, on Twitter.  It’s been fun to meet people from all over the world – from different faiths with different […]

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Most of the Time

….the stuff that I read on blogs is complaining and kinda negative.  There’s something about this form of media that is conducive for writers and bloggers to easily complain about stuff.  It’s crazy that I have no idea who is going to read this, but yet, it’s a venue for complaining.  Try it out. Check […]

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Emotions and Blogging

I saw this tweet on Twitter from @TheBeanCast.  Here’s the tweet: TheBeanCast Blogging is emotionally draining when you actually put effort in it. Should just start posting links and snarky comments like everyone else. Of course I retweeted it, but I wanted to blog it as well.  Blogging is not just a cognitive exercise.  It […]

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Dumb People Poetry

I checked out my stats today, and there’s a section where it lists the phrases that people used to find my blog.  One of the phrases that someone searched for was “dumb people poetry.”  I wrote a little 4 line poem about dumb people – check it out here. Now, the only thing more pathetic […]

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The Satisfaction of Blogging

I just saw a tweet that mentioned that. The tweet came from someone that said he was going to go back to blogging because of the satisfaction of it – as compare to tweeting. For me, there is something so extremely cathartic about blogging. You can do it anywhere (I’m on my phone in my […]

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