The Social Media Deaf

There is something about getting an @ reply to you from a brand or an author.  I have thad great tweet conversations with some great companies and authors.  It’s always a great feeling when they recognize you. Now, this isn’t anything new, but businesses that don’t listen to the chatter about them are going to […]

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The Foundation of Brand Identity

When you do a search for identity – most of the time your search results will yield technologist or identity theft analysts.  Identity and online identity has to do with access or activation (of websites and profiles). You might also find hits about brand identity and developing your own personal brand.  Be it Pepsi or […]

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The Connection Business

If you have an email address, an aim profile, skype, facebook, linkedin, myspace, or any of the millions of other profiles online, You are Connected.  You can’t help it.  People can find you.  You can be found.  If you have one of these, I could in theory pretty much connect with you because you are […]

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