The Social Media Deaf

There is something about getting an @ reply to you from a brand or an author.  I have thad great tweet conversations with some great companies and authors.  It’s always a great feeling when they recognize you. Now, this isn’t anything new, but businesses that don’t listen to the chatter about them are going to […]

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Always On

I heard Seth Godin say that we have the technology to continually be connected every hour of the day.  I have heard Leo Laporte talk about Twitter being this megaphone where everyone is talking and no one really is listening.  I’ve read where Tim Ferris creates more time for other things by limiting email and […]

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Integrated Selves and Identity

Each one of you is an integrated self – every single self that you’ve created – every single self that is truly you – each self is integrated.  The sum total is your identity.  Each individual part self – could also be your identity.  Each piece by itself or in total is who you are.  […]

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