Retire the Word

If you listen to any hip hop, you realize that there are some words that are created in these songs that end up eventually in the modern vernacular. Lately, I’ve been hearing quite a few words in really weird contexts. When I hear it in a weird context, I retire the word and I don’t […]

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Celebrate Weird

I was watching a program, and this was my thought.  We now celebrate weird.  The thing is, after a few  years, it won’t be weird and everyone will be doing it.  The weird ones lead the way.  If you’ve read any of Francis Schaeffer, he suggested that the artists lead the way (he also had […]

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Talk You Into It

Have you ever been talked into – anything?  You know that feeling.  You might have even done it to someone else.  It’s getting convinced to do something – that really you don’t want to do. Now I think there are appropriate times to when talking someone into it is cool – especially if it will […]

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The Price of Cool

About a month ago, I wrote a post about the psychology of the coolest which described the innovators and early adoptors.  It was a follow up to the psychology of cool post from before. It costs to be cool.  It costs to be an early adopter.  The price of cool is “standing in line.”  Last […]

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