Live More Than One Life

I heard this concept yesterday.  It had nothing to do with identity, but they were using it in the context of work and just trying to get so much done that it seemed like you were trying to live more than one life. But as they talked about this concept, I thought about the identity […]

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How to See Identity

Have you ever seen identity?  Do you want to know how?  I know some people are looking for identity or what to find their identity.  If you are one of those – please take a look at this post or this post or this post as they will help you find it.  But this post has to do […]

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To Stop Identity Formation

I heard someone speak of how sometimes we can be so involved with things that we don’t have time to work on identity formation.  It is as if it can stop because we’re too busy.  I know that we hardly ever think about our identity formation at every moment of our life.  I have a […]

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Anytime You Create

…..there needs to be intention, thought, and design. Ask anyone that creates, and you’ll find out that creating is not that easy.  Sometimes it’s born out of pain and suffering.   Sometimes your creation is born out of love and passion.  But it’s not easy. There’s is so much that goes into creating. Intention – […]

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The Ability to Create

Anyway can create.  Everyone has the ability to create.  There is no excuse – no amount of lack of skill or ability can stop you from creating.  It takes – IMO – a tremendous amount of humility and in some cases, humiliation to create.  There will be someone out there that will criticize your work. […]

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Post Literate Society

We are slowly moving toward it.  In fact, people have been talking about it for almost 50 years – so even before Twitter and Facebook, people were already thinking that we are headed that way. I heard this week that the web will soon be images and videos.  More and more, we are being conditioned […]

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