Divergent Thinking

You can check out the Wikipedia page for this or listen to this Sir Ken Robinson talk about it.  Definitely watch the Sir Ken Robinson talk about it. Basically, it’s the ability to see lots of possibilities.  It’s seeing the question and the answers in every single possible way.  It’s the ability to think outside […]

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A Good Class

I just finished a class tonight.  It was an amazing group of students.  We had a great time. We really wrestled with the issues and the theories in education.  Tonight we talked about the new insights that we picked up in our time together in class. It always amazes what concepts really stand out for […]

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noun [mass noun] (in ancient Greece) a system of broad cultural education. formal the culture of a society. paideia (Greek: “education,” or “learning”),  system of education and training in classical Greek and Hellenistic  (Greco-Roman) cultures that included such subjects as: gymnastics, grammar, rhetoric, music, mathematics, geography, natural history, and philosophy. In the early Christian era the Greek paideia, called humanitas in Latin, served as a model for Christian institutions of higher learning, such as the Christian school of Alexandria in Egypt, which offered theology as the culminating science of their curricula. The term was combined with enkyklios (“complete system, ” or “circle”) to identify a large compendium of general education, hence “encyclopaedia.”  (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/paideia) I so want this.  Well, I want this except for the gymnastics part.  I’m hoping that my yoga practice can […]

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Framework for Reflection

I shared this with one of my classes this morning.  We spent some time reflecting on Kony2012.  We had a wonderful and emotionally engaging conversation about it. But in order to set up the reflection, we used some curriculum theory to frame our reflection.  There are many ways to frame a reflection, but since I’m […]

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Education and Fear

I have been reading Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams.  Click here to get it for yourself.  I think it’ll be inspiration for a few more blog posts.  He highlights how our educational system is built to prey upon our fears. What we have fundamentally done is created students that are afraid of getting a bad grade. […]

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Your Dumb Teacher

…….might have given you a label that some lazy teacher gives them.  It happens all the time – a lazy teacher who doesn’t know how to care for a child will label him and get him out of her class – because teaching for her is a job and not calling.  Pathetic. Some kids get […]

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