Explaining to Justify

explaining  present participle of ex·plain (Verb) Verb Make (an idea, situation, or problem) clear to someone by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts or ideas. Account for (an action or event) by giving a reason as excuse or justification. I am pretty good with words.  I use words to convey ideas.  I use words to […]

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Cognitive Reframing

Ever heard of this? It’s a fancy way to say that you can reason your way out of anything. It means that you can change your mind and make excuses for it. It means that you rethink things to make it makes sense. Maybe it’s someone helping you understand it better. Call it what you […]

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The Hard Things

….. are hard to do. If it was easy, then we’d do it.  There’s something about it though.  The hard things bring about a few interesting things.  It brings about excuses, a challenge, and a new sense of self. First, it brings about excuses.  Give me a hard thing to do, and I will give […]

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The Ability to Create

Anyway can create.  Everyone has the ability to create.  There is no excuse – no amount of lack of skill or ability can stop you from creating.  It takes – IMO – a tremendous amount of humility and in some cases, humiliation to create.  There will be someone out there that will criticize your work. […]

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When I Say “ish”

……..what I am doing is not taking responsibility for what ever it is that I am saying. – I’ll be there at 10ish – It will be warmish – It’s kinda close-ish If you live in southern California, you can sometimes blame the traffic to you get you there in time-ish. A friend pointed out […]

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The Excuse Machine

Sometimes you just need to hear a few words put together in a different way and you get a whole new experience with the idea.  I heard Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs say this on his show.  I don’t even remember what the focus of the show was.  I just had turned to it and […]

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