Best in the World

…….really doesn’t mean what we think it means does it. The World Series is only here in the US.  There are world records – and that kinda means the world, but for the most part – Best in the World – means the Best in Your World.  It really doesn’t mean the entire world.  We […]

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Identity Leakage

I’ve read about personality leakage before.  All that means is that you are able to see someone’s  personality as you watch their behavior and their actions. I’ve never read about Identity Leakage, but I figure we can make it up right.  Just use the same principles.  All it is is looking for insights into identity […]

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Talk to Strangers

I know most of you that see this will think – I’m not suppose to talk to strangers.  Yes, we teach that to little kids.  It’s a great rule – for little kids.  Some of you are adults – I don’t think little kids read this blog – but you’re older now.  It’s okay to […]

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Two Ways of Being Happy

I just listened to the Daniel Kahneman TED talk.  He talked about how our “experiencing” self and our “remembering” self might perceive happiness.  He’s quite brilliant, and I definitely need to hear his talk a few more times and read more about his work.  I’m purchasing one of his books as soon as I’m done […]

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pres·enceNoun/ˈprezəns/ 1. The state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing. 2. A person or thing that exists or is present in a place but is not seen: “the monks became aware of a strange presence“. I had a great conversation with some friends yesterday about presence.  I’ve been thinking […]

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Preventing Happiness

I heard about this really interesting concept.  It has to do with people who prevent themselves from achieving happiness.  If they would spend the same amount of effort pursuing happiness as they do preventing happiness – they might be happy.  Do you know this?  Have you ever heard of this?  Do you know someone that […]

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