Where I Come From

It’s been a few weeks since I got back from the Philippines. I am processing through all the stories and the things that I got to see and experience while I was there. I got to spend time in my dad’s hometown. Well, you can’t really call it a town. It’s got a name and […]

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Friends I Eat With

…….. are the really, really good friends. Have you ever heard of Dunbar’s Number?  Here’s another post about it. Friends that I eat with are friends.  We have all sorts of friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Thousands of friends – thousands of followers.  Do we even know what a friend is these days?  Don’t get […]

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Phone Numbers

Phone numbers used to be an identity marker.  Growing up, I knew everyone’s phone number.  I had it all memorized.  I knew all of our numbers.  I knew all of my aunt’s and uncle’s numbers.  I knew phone numbers of my friends.  If I called you I had your number memorized.  I don’t know about […]

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Uncle Lem

I quite enjoy my Uncle Lem identity.  I wrote about my Unco Wem Identity once before, but there’s a dark side.  Let me start though by saying that I absolutely love being Unco Wem.  It’s the best.  I get to go home – without them. It’s great.  I get the joy of kids without them […]

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Attend Your Funeral

I was listening to a talk this am, and the speaker was an artist who had asked the questions – What would it be like to attend your funeral? Of course, we will all attend our funerals – at least our body will (we can have the conversation later about whether we really attend or […]

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A Wedding in the Family

I officiated a wedding yesterday.  Is that what you call it when you are the Officiant at the wedding?  I don’t know how many I’ve done but this one was fun. First of all – it was family. Second of all – it was family. There was so much family there.  It was insane trying […]

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You Can’t Quit Your Family

I wrote a post once on Quitting Your Identity.  Just like you can’t quit an identity, you can’t quit your family.  Whether you marry into one or you grow up with one, you can’t quit your family.  Your father – whether he’s present or not will always be your father.  You just can’t change genes […]

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