Where You Come From

……can tell you so much about who you are.  I can’t believe how much I continue to learn about who I am and who my family is.  At dinner tonight, my dad shared some of the hardships that my family had to experience, but also of the resilience that shown through the hardships.  I loved […]

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Facebook and Family

I have met so many family members that I have never met face to face – on Facebook.  I’m talking to cousins and relatives all over the world.  I can get to know them because of this whole Facebook thing.  It’s great to meet them and talk to them over instant message.  I’m glad that […]

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To Know Her is to Know Me

I grew up here.  This is the view from my window.  It’s always great to see this in real life – and there’s no way a camera can capture the beauty of it – and the sounds of all the animals going off right now.  I can hear all sorts of birds and chickens. This […]

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Family and Identity

Whether you have a close family or a disconnected family, it’s impossible to separate your identity from your family.  In fact – no matter what you’re family is like – strong, dysfunctional (and every family is), big family, small family, they shape your identity. Whether you like it or not; whether you acknowledge it or […]

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I am representing SDCC today (www.sdcc.edu).  I’m at a college fair for 12 hours today.  I was thinking about this though, we all represent someone or something. You represent yourself. You represent the school that you go to or the place you work. You represent your family. You represent your people. You represent your God. […]

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Family Identity

My wife has half siblings – a brother and twin sisters.  We haven’t spent much time with them.  They came to our wedding, and Candice’s wedding.  We went to their mom’s wedding, and have hung out with them a few times beyond that.  Haven’t hung out with them more than a handful of times, but […]

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Family Sculpture

It is an exercise that I assign to my students in order to learn from them.  It’s a great activity, and I have made literally hundreds of students do it.  I remember many of them, and they’re pretty easy to facilitate.  Basically, a student will take students from the class and have them play their […]

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