Confession and Identity

I don’t know what you think about when you hear the word Confession.  Maybe you picture something that happens in church with a priest.  Maybe it’s just a tough conversation with your friend.  Maybe you write it down.  Confession though is a great affirmation of identity. Think about what happens in confession.  Confession is a […]

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Love Deeply

I was listening to a podcast recently and was struck by this one comment (well, I was struck by the whole thing, but this one comment really stood out to me).  If you have never experienced pain, you have not experienced or learned to love deeply. The idea is that you can only truly feel […]

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My Student Identity

I miss my student identity.  Well, I miss the learning and the studying. I don’t miss the deadlines.  I don’t miss paying for school.  I don’t miss studying and researching with expectations.  I don’t miss the drive up to the university.  I don’t miss needing to be in the library because I can’t get those […]

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The Dissatisfaction Gene

I heard this line yesterday.  If you are an American, we might be predisposed to The Dissatisfaction Gene.  You can take a look at our history and see that at almost every turn, things happened because someone was dissatisfied. The dissatisfaction lead to… – Leaving Europe to find “freedom.” – A war for independence because […]

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Hiding Behind a Blog

You know what they say about opinions right? I love the ability and the freedom that we have when we blog.  We can express ideas that we might be working on.  We can share our opinions with our readers.  We can say whatever we want – and hopefully we’re adding value to those that read. […]

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Circumvent Identity Formation

You can circumvent the identity formation process of someone else by not allowing them to freely explore and express their own identity.  When you superimpose your standards or tell someone who to be and how to act, you condition them and teach them to perform.  It is not identity forming.  It is identity performing, and […]

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