Twitter Validation

Evidently, there is this Twitter service that you can use that will validate whether a person is following you or some bot is following you.  The bot can’t navigate the validation service I guess.  So this service is suppose to validate the people that I follow or are following me.  I really don’t get it. […]

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That One Moment

There is That One Moment – that one moment that makes the difference between the thing that’s bringing you down and being able to work through it to get you to the next level. There is That One Moment – that one moment where you are lonely – so lonely that you’ve never thought you […]

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No Friends

So I wrote a post yesterday about The Friends I Eat With, and what I mean by that.   I have friends.  I make friends fairly easily.  It’s part of my personality.  Maybe I’m just not that scary. I saw something tonight – someone else’s post of something – that made me think about my […]

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Friends I Eat With

…….. are the really, really good friends. Have you ever heard of Dunbar’s Number?  Here’s another post about it. Friends that I eat with are friends.  We have all sorts of friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Thousands of friends – thousands of followers.  Do we even know what a friend is these days?  Don’t get […]

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Vanity Metrics and Identity

Sometimes we can build our identity on metrics that really don’t matter.  Well, maybe they matter, but they’re only good for your vanity. I was listening to a podcast on marketing and they were talking about the vanity metrics that people follow when they check out the stats on their websites.  Some people think that […]

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Phone Numbers

Phone numbers used to be an identity marker.  Growing up, I knew everyone’s phone number.  I had it all memorized.  I knew all of our numbers.  I knew all of my aunt’s and uncle’s numbers.  I knew phone numbers of my friends.  If I called you I had your number memorized.  I don’t know about […]

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