Listening to a Hashtag

So I don’t normally take a look at the “explore” feature on Twitter.  Seriously, who has time?  I mean, I can barely keep up with the amount of followers that I have – and I like to at least have tweet conversations with them.  Those with thousands upon thousands aren’t really having much conversation. I […]

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A Generation Has to Die

I don’t even remember what I was listening to, but they were talking about progress and the future.  I’m sure it was social media related and how old habits continue to live on.  As much as social media is taking over and as many people as there are using it – in order for it […]

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Your Inner Narcissism

Studies have shown that Generation Y uses social media for self-promotion, narcissism, and attention seeking.  Here’s the article. It’s not just the Gen Y crowd.  It’s every generation.  It’s everybody on social media.  Yes, we do use it to reconnect and get information.  But social media really taps into our inner narcissism.  The thing is […]

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