Resting Heart Rate

Lately, I’ve been thinking about all the different ways that we categorize ourselves.  I had written about how we can sometimes find out identity in the BMI.  I still think I’m overweight – although I’ve lost some lbs., and I’m trying to lose more. Here’s another measure that you can use to determine whether you […]

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The Quality of the Question

You can tell alot about a person by the Quality of the Questions they ask. We ask questions of people and try to figure out who they are by their answers. That’s how most people do it. Judge by the answers. Here’s the thing with answers. They can be tailor made for you. I can […]

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Knowing Your Heart

Ok.  I’m not thinking about the feelings and emotional part of the heart.  I went on a mtn. bike ride with my good friend Bill.  He wears a heart monitor when he goes on a ride.  He keeps an eye on his heart rate as he rides up the mountain.  He knows when to push […]

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Searched for “My Heart Hurts”

I was reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book The Thank You Economy last night.  He wrote about engaging people in social media – around ideas that you might be passionate about.  His expertise is wine.  Mine would be identity.  I did a search for My Heart Hurts.  I was blown away. First of all, I […]

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A Love Letter

….is never about the person that receives the letter.  The love letter is always about the person that writes it.  There is nothing as pure and nothing that clearly demonstrates one’s identity like a lover letter is able to. When one writes a love letter, they are searching their heart and their emotions for words […]

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Easy Answers

The end of the year is always filled with a review of what has transpired over the year.  It also is a time for resolutions; to do lists; and things that you should do differently next year. I always love listening to the quick fixes and lists of things that I have to do.  It […]

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Online Behaviors Offline

I was recently talking to a fellow blogger about how they have a friend that has taken their online social media behavior offline.  Their friend has a condition that doesn’t allow them to leave the house.  Social media is the perfect outlet for someone that does not get much face to face interaction.  This individual […]

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