Identity Specialist

So it’s the name that I chose for the blog.  I would never call myself an Identity Expert because that assumes that I am the expert on identity. I studied it for my doctoral dissertation.  I have done a bunch of reading about it.  I understand a few developmental theories and how identity fits into […]

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Experience Junkie

I heard this phrase this morning.  It is a description or an identity projection that gives insight into self – well, for the experience junkie anyway.  I think that it helps to have those descriptors that give us meaning, direction, or even sense of identity.  An experience junkie knows exactly what he does for a […]

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Top of the Google Search

I get these ideas for blog posts.  Sometimes I google the idea to see if people have written about it or thought about it.  Most of the time, the answer is yes.  People have written about it already.  I’m not the first – in fact – there are no new ideas out there – just […]

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