Dream Killers

You all know these people.  They are the voices in your life that ask you “why?”  Why would you try that?  Why would you even think this way?  Why? I am not sure if you have many people like this in your life.  Don’t get me wrong – we need some wisdom in our lives. […]

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My Klout Influential Topics

I never check my Klout scores.  It only means something to Klout people.  I recently checked and happened to see my most influential topics.  Since I only connect with Twitter and not Facebook, these are topics from just tweets.  I’ll list them with a comment or two, and I don’t think they’re in any particular […]

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Status or Influence

Which one is better?  Which would you rather have?  Think about it!  Think carefully about it. I was talking to a friend about this today.  We had this conversation about which is better, and I walked away with a much better answer. I think it’s a trick question.  What is better is not one or […]

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Action Figures

This morning, I was picking up some creamer for my coffee and some eggs.  Right next to the creamer, they had GI Joe action figures.  I found it odd that in the dairy section of the grocery store that the actions figures were right next to the creamer. They had all kinds of new characters […]

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Strategist and Tacticians

I posted a few days ago about Strategy and Tactics. I’ve still been thinking about it because of some of the podcasts that I’ve been listening to. Some of the podcasters are Strategists – they talk about the deeper thinking about whatever the topic might be. They can wax intellectual about the philosophical underpinnings of […]

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If you create stuff, write, play, mold, paint, or pretty much anything that comes from inside of you that you are able to share with someone else – you are an influencer.  You can choose the channel, the medium, the media, or the canvas – it doesn’t matter – if you create and then you […]

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LL24: Distributed Leadership

As I described in the opening paragraph of the Leadership Lessons section of this blog, I follow a few blogs on leadership.  I came across a post from @metacool (Diego Rodriguez at Stanford School of Business) – here’s his post.  His post was on the Circle of Influence – a shift in the leadership paradigm.  […]

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