LL47: The Bruce Lee Lesson

I know you know Bruce Lee as an amazing martial artist and a movie star, but did you know that he was quite the philosopher, thinker, and writer as well. I learned yesterday that Bruce Lee did a ton of writing.  He would be quite the blogger today if he was still alive.  He would […]

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LL40: Leadership Mistakes

I watched a pre-game speech from a NFL coach. I can’t remember who the coach was, but I think it was Wade Phillips when HBO followed the Cowboys in the pre-season. In his speech, he told his team that all the mistakes on the field that night was his, and that freed up his team […]

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LL39: Not Just Leadership

I was recently talking to a mentor about the leadership that it takes to run a successful startup.  I was expecting him to just talk about the leadership that is necessary to make it successful but what I learned was needed was not just leadership. He listed off several abilities and roles that are needed […]

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LL35: Deadliest Catch Lesson

I’m watching Deadliest Catch-you know, working the deadliest job in the world.  There are a ton of leadership lessons on the show – if you can see past the drama. In the particular show, they are just starting the season and there are new crew members for most of the boats on this season.  One […]

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LL34: Breaking My Own Rules

Do you have leadership rules?  Rules that you follow in leadership?  I broke one of my big rules this past week.  The rule is – things should be handled in the appropriate level.  If you want an explanation – email me. I failed last week (actually, it happens more often than that, but I’m just […]

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