Break the Pattern

I think you have to be at least 30 to understand this post, but a sign of progress and change is having the ability to Break the Pattern. Take a look back at your life, and ask yourself, “Are you able to break the pattern?”  It could be any pattern, but mainly the negative ones […]

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Planning = Controlled

Planning is optimal in a controlled environment.  When everything in the situation is under control – plans work.  When plans are made in a context that it is not controlled – plans don’t always work.  The situation changes.  Feelings get hurt.  Plans work when it is controlled. Leadership is needed in a situation out of […]

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LL:45 Employee Service

When you hear someone talk about customer service, you know what they are talking about, but have you ever heard of Employee Service? Here’s the thinking: Who at your company or who that you lead provides the customer service? Answer: your employees; those that follow your leadership. You expect great customer service from them, but […]

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LL43: One Day of Learning

Recently, I heard an amazing leader speak on leadership and business.  He has been CEO of many organizations.  He’s lead companies who’s worth was over 500 billion dollars.  He’s quite qualified. He shared so many fascinating leadership insights and lessons, but one that he shared that stood out to me was the need to spend […]

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Articulate Awareness

I heard someone say this today.  Awareness is easy, but to be able to articulate awareness – that’s not as easy.  I loved hearing the saying.  It helped me to understand that it doesn’t matter how aware I am of a problem, if I am not able to adequately articulate my awareness of it, it […]

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