Read Yourself

Recently, I read some of the blog posts that I have written in the past.  It is not something that I do often, but it is so interesting to learn from yourself.  I have forgotten more than I can remember so it’s helpful to have written down some thoughts.  I can return to them and […]

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I Hate How He Thinks

I heard the guy behind me at the cafe say this. The thing about this line is that he got emotional about someone’s thinking.  He then talked about how illogical and incorrect this other person’s thinking was. It is interesting to me that it started with an emotion.  He hated.  He hates how someone thinks, […]

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The Semiotics of Cute Shoes

I once wrote a post about the Semiotics of Clothes. As with most of my posts, I never remember the genesis of the thought, and the thought might not even be novel, but they are mine so I write about them. I realize that I don’t really understand this particular topic well, but Cute Shoes […]

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A Rooted Identity

No matter who you are or where you come from, you need to root your identity in something or someone. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. Who you are needs to be rooted in something. You might root your identity in your favorite team. You might root your identity in your family name – although […]

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Douchemuggery = when you bring your own mug into the cafe and restaurant because you’re way to high maintenance to use theirs. This might be one of my identities. #douchemuggery #putyournameonit

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Skinny Fat

Yes, that’s a thing. If there was ever an identity that you could put on, this is one of them.  I had never heard of it till about a week ago (just haven’t finished the post).  You can Google it.  Skinny Fat is an identity that someone created to describe a certain look.  Never mind […]

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The Home Screen

Everything leaks identity. You know how they say that you can tell a lot about a person by taking a look at their checkbook and calendar – well, that was a saying before smartphones. You don’t need to look at 2 things any longer. Technically, you can simplify things and just look at the homescreen […]

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