The Range of Comfortable

Take any aspect of your life.  There is a range that you are comfortable with – no matter what aspect you think about. For instance – when it comes to food, we all have a range of types of foods and tastes that we are comfortable.  Andrew Zimmern has a wide range of tastes that […]

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Live More Than One Life

I heard this concept yesterday.  It had nothing to do with identity, but they were using it in the context of work and just trying to get so much done that it seemed like you were trying to live more than one life. But as they talked about this concept, I thought about the identity […]

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A Lonely Place

I heard today that a lonely place is anywhere that a person that can’t appreciate anyone goes. Do you know anyone like that? They might be pretty good with people, but they’re lonely. No one wants to hang out with them because they just don’t appreciate people. These are the people that will use people […]

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Been Thinking About This Today

I was listening to a podcast today and heard a line that I’ve been thinking about all day. The speaker was talking about how he hadn’t been around death in awhile. That caught my attention. There is something so formative about being around death. It helps you to process life. Have you ever been to […]

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I recently heard a talk about mistakes.  The main point of the talk – mistakes lead to deeper understanding. I kinda like that. I like that better than this being a problem.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think mistakes can sometimes be problems, but I like how mistakes lead to deeper understanding a little better. […]

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Do You Need Some Adventure

Lately, I’ve been noticing stories and articles having to do with a fair bite of danger and adventure.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  I’m reading a book right now having to do with the “extreme” and “adventurous” nature of someone’s faith; the “not safe side” of things.  You watch the news and tv, […]

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