Deep Hurt

Every experience shapes and forms us. There’s no escaping it. All of our Deep Hurts have a powerful influence on our identity. When you are conscious of your Deep Hurt, you react and respond to it accordingly. Some of us push it down. Some of us charge after it head on. We all deal with […]

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When Your Hear a Great Argument

…….. you should totally listen to them.  And I’m not talking about 2 people arguing necessarily, although great arguments can lead to arguing.  You know what I mean. You don’t have to agree with them.  In fact, if you are able to listen to them and accept that they are great arguments – even better. […]

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Love Deeply

I was listening to a podcast recently and was struck by this one comment (well, I was struck by the whole thing, but this one comment really stood out to me).  If you have never experienced pain, you have not experienced or learned to love deeply. The idea is that you can only truly feel […]

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Education and Fear

I have been reading Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams.  Click here to get it for yourself.  I think it’ll be inspiration for a few more blog posts.  He highlights how our educational system is built to prey upon our fears. What we have fundamentally done is created students that are afraid of getting a bad grade. […]

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Speaker Identity

Are you a speaker?  Do you speak at events or give presentations?  How long have you been doing it? I’m working on my speaking identity.  I love speaking.  I am working on my speaking.  I have done a fair bit of writing, and I have a dissertation that has helped me get a few speaking […]

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