The Culture of Want

We have only been living in a Culture of Want for about a hundred years.  Only until we mechanized the production of thing did we start to market to people’s wants.  Before that time, it was a Culture of Need.  We only bought what we needed.  We only built what we need.  We bought things […]

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You are You When You’re Hungry

Have you seen that Snicker’s commercial – where the tagline is – You’re not You When You’re Hungry – they’re wrong.  You are the real you when you are hungry.  You are the real you when you’re mad.  You are the real you when you aren’t filtering.  It’s a great commercial for Snickers, but from […]

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Brand New Vintage T Shirt

That’s what the commercial was advertising – a brand new old shirt.  You know what’s crazy is that people will buy it, but my question is will they buy it because it’s brand new or will they buy it because it’s vintage?  You know someone got paid a ton of money for that 30 second […]

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