Enter a Worldview

Is it possible to enter someone else’s worldview?  Does that even make any sense to you?  And if it was possible for you to do that, would you even know how to do it? If it were possible, you would have to be pretty secure in your own worldview to begin with.  Then you would […]

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Live More Than One Life

I heard this concept yesterday.  It had nothing to do with identity, but they were using it in the context of work and just trying to get so much done that it seemed like you were trying to live more than one life. But as they talked about this concept, I thought about the identity […]

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The Knowledge Economy

I recently read about the knowledge economy.  I’m still working through the book, but it has been fascinating to see the world through this lens. Whether you see knowledge as a product or a tool, knowledge becomes the most important thing.  It also means that pieces of paper that say you have a certain level […]

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That’s Not Me

…actually means “that is not a me that I necessarily want to project.”  Anytime anyone tells you that “that’s not me,” don’t argue with them.  The theory is that they have switched to one of their other dialogical selves.  Although their logic doesn’t make sense, the fact that they did it is absolutely logical and […]

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Commercials About You

I hardly ever watch commercials.  My DVR makes that possible, but we happened to be watching Man Vs. Food – live tonight so we had to endure the commercials. Two commercials stood out because it happened one right after the other. The first was Holiday Inn where the tag line was “Stay You.”  Here’s an […]

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Inconsistent Selves

It is theoretically possible to have inconsistent selves.  Have you ever had anyone tell you that your thinking or your ideas are inconsitent – they’re not logical – or they don’t make sense?  Next time someone says that to you – tell them – “Yeah, it is inconsistent.  What’s your point?” When exploring your identities, […]

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