The News

We learn so much from the news.  The news helps us to form opinions and develop our ideas.  The news has rules and they try to substantiate anything that they report with multiple sources.  I’m not an expert, but I realize that they do their best. I was listening to some podcasters rant about some […]

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Your Own News Show

One of the things that I love to rant about is news.  I mean seriously – if the news shows gets their information from Twitter and ustream, why couldn’t I just get that same information and make my own news show. Well, I could do it, but then no one would watch it.  But still, […]

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Social Media in the Newsroom

Watching the news drives me crazy – well, maybe not the whole time, but typically when they have those news stories that are the filler stories.  You know – dancing cats or lasagna recipes – that’s not news. What drives me even more bonkers is when the news uses social media to get it’s news.  […]

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Biggest in 18 Years

That’s right.  Our earthquake yesterday was the biggest in the past 18 years.  There has been so many aftershocks with one just happening around 6:30ish this morning (about 38 minutes ago).  It was a 7. 2 magnitude earthquake.  The USGS was saying that an earthquake of that magnitude had to have activity along the fault […]

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