Asynchronous and Absent

That describes the online conversations of so many Twitterers.  Conversations happen over time.  It might sometimes be days before you respond or reply to a tweet to you.  You don’t even think anything about it when you don’t get a reply.  Sometimes you might be surprised to get one immediately.  It’s the way things are […]

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One Way Friendships

I have lots of “friends.”  I actually have lots of friends in real life.  It works for my personality.  I do have lots of friends online – hundreds. Inherent in online relationships is this idea of One Way Friendships.  It has to do with those “friends” that you follow and even care about, but you […]

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Restorative Solitude

I’ve written about Loneliness and Solitude before.  Lately, I’ve been reading about the restorative power of solitude.  Intentional alone time can refresh the body and renew the mind, but we live in a world where we can be on all the time.  We have the opportunity to work every hour of the day, and be […]

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A Double Life

I saw that in a tweet today, and they were referring to having 2 Twitter profiles.  I tweeted back – anyone that has a persona online lives a double life.  They have their online identity and then their real life identity. Both reflect them, but aren’t completely them.  Having a double life – developmentally – […]

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Simulated Connection

That’s the kind of connection that happens online.  It’s a reaching out to someone that we all need – but for whatever reason – we get online.  It’s not like you come over to my house – although you’re definitely welcomed to.  We are connected through the screen – through words – through ideas. We […]

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Friends that I’ve Never Met

I have many friends – good ones.  I have some friends that I have really come to know and respect.  I have talked with then.  I have exchanged emails and messages with them.  I have joked with them, and I have tons of information about them.  I really share a friendship with them, and have […]

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