Love Deeply

I was listening to a podcast recently and was struck by this one comment (well, I was struck by the whole thing, but this one comment really stood out to me).  If you have never experienced pain, you have not experienced or learned to love deeply. The idea is that you can only truly feel […]

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Blind to What I Don’t Need

I see fine.  Okay, I need some contact lenses to help me see fine, but I see fine. I have had a few lectures lately that have addressed blind spots – blind spots to strengths, blind spots to personality, blind spots to family, blind spots to many aspects of life. For the most part, I […]

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So Deep and Serious

Hahaha.  I wrote out the title, and for a quick second thought, “Do you have something constructive to say about this?”  I’m not sure, but we shall soon see. I was somewhere – listening to someone play their music live – while everyone else around was eating lunch.  (I know – vague, but then you […]

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The Pain of Relationships

Every relationships will bring pain. Sometimes the pain happens at the end of it – when they pass away or when some event ends the relationships.  Whether voluntary or accidental, the end of relationship always brings pain. Sometimes the pain happens in the middle of it.  Most relationships will bring some level or hurt or […]

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Healthy Conflict

There is a way to fight with someone that’s super healthy.  Conflict is a natural thing in relationships and life, but the thing that can make it healthy is what’s underneath the surface.  Here’s the key: is the conflict coming from a wound or is it coming from a scar. They both hurt.  They both […]

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Amputate a Part of Yourself

I read that line in an article this morning.  I can’t even describe to you what went on in my mental space, but I thought that it was interesting imagery.  It wasn’t an article about identity, but it very much was identity-laden.  If you want to know what the article was – email me. Several […]

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Projected Pain

  So I took this picture while I was waiting for a left turn.  Sometimes there is someone standing there hoping to get some change from the people waiting to turn lef. If you look closely at the sign it says – Fight addiction in my family & I get screwed so u treat me […]

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