Education and Fear

I have been reading Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams.  Click here to get it for yourself.  I think it’ll be inspiration for a few more blog posts.  He highlights how our educational system is built to prey upon our fears. What we have fundamentally done is created students that are afraid of getting a bad grade. […]

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Articulate Awareness

I heard someone say this today.  Awareness is easy, but to be able to articulate awareness – that’s not as easy.  I loved hearing the saying.  It helped me to understand that it doesn’t matter how aware I am of a problem, if I am not able to adequately articulate my awareness of it, it […]

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Passion for Conservation

I recently helped a friend with their resume – it’s always nice to help people with their resumes.  I was looking at the job description and there was a line that stood out to me – it was this idea that this position – among other things – needed someone to be passionate about conservation. […]

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Did Not Do Well In School

Some of the most brilliant, creative people I know did not do well at school.  Many of them didn’t really discover what they could d0 – and who they really were – until they’d left school and recovered from their education. The Element p. 9 – Sir Ken Robinson A big part of figuring out […]

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Write With Your Heart

I have talked to some of you about creating content and starting a blog.  The conversation typically starts in same way.  By asking questions: Who’s going to read this?  Why would anyone read my stuff?  Who’s going to care about this?  These are all normal questions for someone starting a blog or developing their ideas. […]

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Insider Language Competence

No matter what you do there is insider language.  It doesn’t matter what industry or field, the individuals involved in it has competency in it.  Most of it is just knowing the language.  Most of it is just knowing the words. Think about it – knowing how to have conversations in a specific field or […]

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Running From Your Passion

It is not possible to run away from your passions.  You cannot run away from the things that you love.  You just can’t.  You can try, and if you are able to run away from it – it really wasn’t your passion in the first place.  You can’t run away from the things that you […]

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