People that Give You Energy

I heard this line today.  I’ve also been reading about it – this connectedness that is possible with people – even on a sub-conscious level.  Very interesting. I like the idea of people that give me energy.  Selfishly, I like it when I am energized.  It’s great when you hang out with people that just […]

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Twitter Validation

Evidently, there is this Twitter service that you can use that will validate whether a person is following you or some bot is following you.  The bot can’t navigate the validation service I guess.  So this service is suppose to validate the people that I follow or are following me.  I really don’t get it. […]

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Truly Beautiful People

Truly beautiful people do not believe that there are any ugly people in this world. If you just can’t understand that – then you know what kind of person you are. But it’s true, truly beautiful people are able to see the beauty in everyone. Truly beautiful people can be beautiful on the outside. They […]

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That One Moment

There is That One Moment – that one moment that makes the difference between the thing that’s bringing you down and being able to work through it to get you to the next level. There is That One Moment – that one moment where you are lonely – so lonely that you’ve never thought you […]

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What You Recognize in Others

I tend to write many posts that have to do with this same idea of seeing in others what you see in yourself.  I have written things on facebook and twitter – where my friends start to comment about how whatever they do online says alot about who they are.  Even though they’re making fun […]

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