Take Them at Interface Value

I got this line from Sherry Turkle’s book Alone Together. Whenever you first meet someone – anyone – you are probably interacting with one of their projected identities.  It is important to realize that this as you get to know people.  It is important to take them at interface value. If you have just met […]

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Out Do Yourself

What does that even mean?  Do you know how to out do yourself?  Here are my thoughts about it – at least tonight: 1.  It means that you have to have done something in order to out do that. 2.  Only you can know how to do this. 3.  Sometimes people compare themselves to what […]

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Experience Junkie

I heard this phrase this morning.  It is a description or an identity projection that gives insight into self – well, for the experience junkie anyway.  I think that it helps to have those descriptors that give us meaning, direction, or even sense of identity.  An experience junkie knows exactly what he does for a […]

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The Dating Site for the Ugly

I couldn’t believe it.  There is a dating site for those that don’t think that they’re pretty enough for the normal dating websites such as Match.com or OkCupid.com.  The site is The Ugly Bug Ball – a dating website fo the aesthetically challenged.  Check out The Ugly Bug Ball. If you check it out, you’ll […]

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Are You Photo-Realistic?

I couldn’t tell you what the impetus for this post was.  I must have heard it or read it somewhere, and I instantly titled this post and saved it as a draft.  Now coming back to write the actual post, I can’t remember what brought about this thought. It is a great question though.  We […]

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