Watch Greatness

The great theologian Tracy Morgan asked – How you going to expect to be great if you don’t study greatness?  Okay, those weren’t the exact words, but close enough.  We can also argue later whether he’s a theologian or not. I actually heard this line from someone else, but it made me think of the […]

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Why A Watch?

I recently got a watch as a gift.  It was a gorgeous watch.  It’s very cool looking.  I didn’t recognize the brand so I did a quick Google search for it.  It’s worth quite a lot.  It’s quite a nice watch. I have a few watches actually.  Nice watches.  They aren’t cheap ones either.  They […]

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I Enjoy You

Have you ever heard anyone say that to you?  Do you know anyone that enjoys you? When you enjoy someone, you just want to be around them – all the time.  I guess the first question for me is – are you that kind of person – the kind that people enjoy?  Then my second […]

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Planned Spontaneity

Have you ever heard anyone break down spontaneity?  I was a little surprised when I heard someone break it down today.  They identified it’s parts and articulated how spontaneity works, but they were talking about planned spontaneity.  They were trying to game spontaneity. At first my thought was, that’s dumb.  Why would you break it […]

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Are You Photo-Realistic?

I couldn’t tell you what the impetus for this post was.  I must have heard it or read it somewhere, and I instantly titled this post and saved it as a draft.  Now coming back to write the actual post, I can’t remember what brought about this thought. It is a great question though.  We […]

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