The Quality of the Question

You can tell alot about a person by the Quality of the Questions they ask. We ask questions of people and try to figure out who they are by their answers. That’s how most people do it. Judge by the answers. Here’s the thing with answers. They can be tailor made for you. I can […]

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Giving Grace

I was telling a friend today – whenever I think about grace, I always think about it in the context of receiving it.  It’s always a good thing to receive grace right?  I love my friends that are gracious. But what about giving grace.  Do you think about what it means to give grace?  Are […]

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Everyone Eavesdrops

Tonight, I tweeted that I was wondering where the word “bobby pin” came from.  I had a few responses, but a new friend Natalie tweeted back the answer.  She also said that she didn’t “mean to eavesdrop” to which I tweeted back – Everyone Eavesdrops, it’s Twitter. It used to be rude to eavesdrop on […]

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Your Sidekick and Identity

If you had a sidekick, what would that tell me about your identity?  Would your sidekick be funny?  Would you sidekick be prettier?  Would you sidekick actually stand by your side?  Would your sidekick make you better or cover up your – what’s not better?  Would your sidekick need a sidekick?  Why do you even […]

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Blogging = Safe for Questions

Inherent with blogging is asking questions.  Typically, the questions are unanswerable.  It’s a place to process and think through things.  We write about whatever is bothering us.  We write through what we’re processing through.  A blog is a great place to do that. The only people that don’t understand that are those that don’t blog. […]

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The Nature of Questions

Disclaimer: I try to keep my posts to about 100 words.  It doesn’t always happen.  If I can articulate one idea in a post, I’m good, but this post like many others will probably lead to more questions and reactions. I was thinking about the Nature of Questions.  I am interested in fact that Questions […]

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