Love Deeply

I was listening to a podcast recently and was struck by this one comment (well, I was struck by the whole thing, but this one comment really stood out to me).  If you have never experienced pain, you have not experienced or learned to love deeply. The idea is that you can only truly feel […]

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Hofstede Framework

Geert Hofstede analyzed culture and came up with this framework to help describe basic cultural dimensions.  We are currently talking about this in a course that I am teaching – Intercultural Communication. Whenever you read about this framework, you will come across a few warnings when you use it.  The framework articulates 5 basic dimensions […]

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Sometimes You Get In the Way

Sometimes you get in the way of yourself.  Sometimes you are so afraid of a rejection that you get in the way of yourself.  Sometimes you doubt your ability that you come across as scared.  Sometimes you don’t write that proposal because you just don’t think anyone would read it.  Sometimes you choke on your […]

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Taking on a New identity

It’s always an interesting when you take on a new identity. Do you ever have opportunities to take on new identites? Do you remember the last time you took on a new identity? New identities are always confusing at first. It doesn’t matter how much planning there is before you move into your new identity, […]

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It came up in a few conversations that I’ve had this week.  I can’t just let it pass without at least writing a few ideas about it. I heard it in a presentation earlier this week, then I heard it in a conversation that I had today.  In both cases, the conversation had to do […]

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Finding Your Voice

I was listening to Mitch Joel’s podcast, and he made a comment about finding your voice.  It’s a line that you hear bloggers say.  People blog to “find their voice,” and it’s suppose to be this process of figuring out what to say in your blog. Mitch Joel said that finding your voice is not […]

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Your Unique Ideas

I have had a few of your tell me lately that you have appreciate my ideas.  Thank you for sharing in the journey and reading my random rants and inspiring (to me) ideas. One of you said that my ideas were unique and interesting (thank you Sara W for that-buy her shirts-i’ll give you the […]

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