The Way Family Podcast

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Way Family Podcast.  It comes out June 20, 2016 and you can find it here.  We talked about #identityformation and the impact that #socialmedia can have on identity.  We also briefly talked about extended adolescence and the way that #millenials are being formed because of […]

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Seeing Toothpicks

One of the main skills for identity development is having the ability to self-reflect and self-evaluate. I had a conversation with one of my students – about their strengths and talents – and it was a great conversation where you help someone “self-reflect.” It helps you to see who you are. It helps you to […]

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Being Digital

It is a reality for many of us today.  We definitely live digital lives.  Even my 3 year old niece is starting to develop her digital presence.  She is a digital native and can navigate her way through anyone’s iphone and find the things that she wants to find – YouTube, photos, videos – you […]

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Reclaim the Mystery

I heard someone say this.  The context of the conversation was how we live such public lives.  We do live our lives on Facebook and Twitter.  We spend times posting everything.  We share what sandwich we eat.  We share how we are feeling when we are standing in line when the person behind us is […]

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The Hard Things

….. are hard to do. If it was easy, then we’d do it.  There’s something about it though.  The hard things bring about a few interesting things.  It brings about excuses, a challenge, and a new sense of self. First, it brings about excuses.  Give me a hard thing to do, and I will give […]

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Expert Intuition

I did a quick Google search for whether we can trust our intuition or not, and it was quite interesting to see the topics that came up in light of the question. Your intuitions are there for a reason.  You have them, and they represent your sense of identity and self.  The better you know […]

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Cultural Programming

Last week I lectured on Cultural Programming.  Ever since that lecture, I have been more aware of how cultural programming really shapes your sense of self and what you do. I had this graphic up at the beginning of class, and my students just started reacting to it – based on their Cultural Programming. It […]

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