Attend Your Funeral

I was listening to a talk this am, and the speaker was an artist who had asked the questions – What would it be like to attend your funeral? Of course, we will all attend our funerals – at least our body will (we can have the conversation later about whether we really attend or […]

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The Second Self

I was reading in Steven Pressfield’s book Do the Work.  He has a quick line that caught my attention.  The line is: The last thing we want is to remain as we are.  If you’re reading this book, it’s because you sense inside you a second self, an unlived you…… unmanifested you, this unborn self, […]

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What You Don’t Have

I am listening to a song that has to do with someone finding their identity in something that they don’t have.  One of the lines is “holding on to what I haven’t got.”  It sounds like it’s some failed relationship, but it’s pretty painful sounding. It is possible to identify with something that is not […]

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Identity Consulting

If you Google Identity Consulting, you will find pages having to do with business and corporate identity.  You will get promises of how other companies can help you develop your brand and identity. I think there’s a market for personal identity consulting – not just to figure out your brand, but to help you figure […]

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To Know Someone Fully

… impossible.  Mainly because no one fully knows himself.  If no one can fully know himself, how can you fully know him. At best, we can have partial knowledge of people.  I know, elementary right?  But too many times we will impose partial knowledge on to full judgement.  You cannot judge the entire person by […]

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