Choose Yourself

It’s a Seth Godin line.  I love his thinking on this.  If you want to read a post about it – check it out here. We are culturally programmed to wait till we are chosen.  That was the way it was a decade ago.  Not any more.  You don’t need permission to write and publish […]

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Fear and Identity

I had a conversation yesterday about this idea.  We were talking about just the news of the week, and the comment that ended the conversation was Fear Sells. I read this morning in Seth Godin’s blog, and he has written about Fear, scarcity and value.  He says that we avoid things that we fear.  If […]

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I Shipped

I shipped. If you have no idea what that means, you have to check out Seth Godin’s post on shipping. The basic idea is to complete a task and do something. Whether you are creating, drawing, writing, or shaping, you will always deal with the resistence. No matter how passionate you are about what it […]

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Fight the Resistence

If you’ve read any of Seth Godin’s books lately, you have probably read about how you need to fight the resistence. Steven Pressfield also talks about the resistence, and I think Seth might have gotten the idea from him. It doesn’t matter where it came from, both of them talk about the resistence as something […]

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The Internet Amplifies Everything

So Seth Godin wrote about how the Internet as Envy Amplifier. The Internet amplifies everything. It creates a caricature of you. It is a “safe” place to explore those aspects of identity. If you’re shy, you can be internet extroverted. If you are lonely, you can easily make friends online. Like Seth says, the what […]

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On Fitting In

Society isn’t kind to those who don’t fit in.  We ostracize, we call names, we harass.  – Seth Godin in Poke the Box. As soon as I read that, I immediately thought about some of my posts – Be Unique, but Belong.  Seth is talking about leading and poking the box, but that takes hubris […]

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Always On

I heard Seth Godin say that we have the technology to continually be connected every hour of the day.  I have heard Leo Laporte talk about Twitter being this megaphone where everyone is talking and no one really is listening.  I’ve read where Tim Ferris creates more time for other things by limiting email and […]

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