The Way Family Podcast

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Way Family Podcast.  It comes out June 20, 2016 and you can find it here.  We talked about #identityformation and the impact that #socialmedia can have on identity.  We also briefly talked about extended adolescence and the way that #millenials are being formed because of […]

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What You Don’t Know about Social Media

……..can really rile you up.  Just go to a presentation about Social Media and you’ll see what I mean. rile (rl) tr.v. riled, ril·ing, riles 1. To stir to anger. See Synonyms at annoy. 2. To stir up (liquid); roil. I don’t typically focus on writing about social media.  I am more interested in the identity framework that provides the context […]

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A Podcast and a Relaunch

Do you podcast?  If you do, I want to talk to you.  I want to learn how and start one. I already have this conversation that my friend Jasen Ashdown and I have started.  We record a video of us talking about things that we are processing through and learning.  We have called it sacredSPACE. […]

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Blog Fast

I haven’t written a post in about 10 days.  It’s been really good.  Of course, there was a eek of camping and rock climbing and jumping off rocks and walking through rivers and “experiences” outside.  It was great to be outside. I felt differently when I came home.  I think I was tired physically, but […]

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Facebook Fatigue

Are you tired of Facebook?  It’s been around since 2004.  They opened it up to other schools.  I remember when I signed up for it, I had to add all the information about our college – dorm names, majors.  I wasn’t just signing up for myself, but for the institution.  September 2005 was when I […]

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