Reclaim the Mystery

I heard someone say this.  The context of the conversation was how we live such public lives.  We do live our lives on Facebook and Twitter.  We spend times posting everything.  We share what sandwich we eat.  We share how we are feeling when we are standing in line when the person behind us is […]

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Awhile ago, I wrote about what your starbucks drink says about you. This is what I have been drinking these days.  I use my gold card so I get an .80 discount for the milk or the flavor or something.  Typically, this drink only costs 2.55.  Not bad for a drink.  But here it is: […]

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First World Problems 2

I saw this hashtag again this morning.  I wrote about it once before here.  There are people in the world without running water or flushing toilets, but we have first world problems such as: – The barista at Starbucks is taking too long. – I can’t find my charger for my iPad 2. – AT&T […]

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I Hate Pikes #Starbucks

I can’t even tell you why.  I know that I’m allowed to hate it, but it’s like the default bean for Starbucks.  I’ve tried it many ways, but for whatever reason, I just can’t stand it. What I do love though is that even though I hate Pikes, I can still enjoy a great cup […]

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Starbucks Wisdom @Starbucks

I don’t normally connect with the wisdom of the advertising at @Starbucks, but a few days ago, I came across this sign at Starbucks. I loved it.  I guess I wasn’t expecting it, but then when I thought about it more, I realized the wisdom of it.  Of course, if you are OCD, a ritual […]

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