The Medium for Your Art

I was listening to a talk about creativity and art.  If you check out the past few posts, there are some about the creativity and art.  I’ve quite enjoyed the challenge of these talks.  It has pushed me to consider what the medium is for my artistic expression.  I write.  I sing.  I play the […]

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A Good Class

I just finished a class tonight.  It was an amazing group of students.  We had a great time. We really wrestled with the issues and the theories in education.  Tonight we talked about the new insights that we picked up in our time together in class. It always amazes what concepts really stand out for […]

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Cultural Programming

Last week I lectured on Cultural Programming.  Ever since that lecture, I have been more aware of how cultural programming really shapes your sense of self and what you do. I had this graphic up at the beginning of class, and my students just started reacting to it – based on their Cultural Programming. It […]

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Teaching Without Talking

I am a teacher.  Well, I am a teacher by trade, but it is also what I am – even if I didn’t do it as a profession.  I was thinking about this today – but as I teacher, I do most of my teaching by talking.  I teach.  I say things.  I lecture.  I […]

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More Than Theory

  In the past, I would have said that it’s easier to just teach theory. Go to class. Just teach the next chapter. Keep it theory, and I would have fulfilled the requirements of that course. Easy enough. But teaching is so much more than theory. When you teach the theory, it will always connect […]

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